The Imaginalia shopping center makes improvements and extends its roof

The Leisure and Commerce Center Imaginalia has kicked off its remodeling works and has chosen the slogan Imaginalia, evolving with you as part of a campaign that seeks to spread the changes that are going to take place in the center throughout the year. this next year As explained in press release Dilip Khullar, director of Estabona Management, company responsible for the asset, “we want to get closer to the visitors of the center and that our evolution is with them and not apart from them.”

In July 2014, with the purchase of the Leisure and Trade Center, an ambitious investment plan was launched with the objective of “increasing the activity of the center, expanding the commercial mix and reinforcing the leisure component”. Khullar stressed that “with this project we want to revitalize the center, improving current facilities, as well as incorporating elements that enrich the shopping experience, meeting the needs of all family members.”

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