The new people in charge of the module are re-launching the Imaginalia space in Albacete

The case of Calatrava has to look at the recent experience of the new space managers. Estabona Management took over the Albacete Imaginalia shopping center in 2014, after Axa Real sold it to the international investment fund, based in London, Benson Elliot. Estabona, in charge since then of the management of the space, launched a plan of shock with the objective of “revitalizing the center, improving the current facilities, expanding the commercial offer and reinforcing the leisure component”, as they explained then in a press release .

Said plan included, explained, the incorporation of elements to “enrich the shopping experience”. In 2015, Estabona announced remodeling works to expand the roof of the center, change the external enclosures and the signing of new brands. This summer they inaugurated a zone of infantile leisure, in which in addition they developed a program of labor insertion.

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