The new management of Modoo are re-launching the Imaginalia shopping centre in Albacete

The recent measures implemented by its new management in Albacete are a taste of things to come for the Calatrava centre.

Estabona Management took charge of the Imaginalia shopping centre in Albacete in 2014, after Axa Real sold it to the London based international investment fund, Benson Elliot.

Estabona, responsible for the management of the centre since then, launched a plan of action aimed at “revitalizing the centre, improving the current facilities, broadening the retail offer and enhancing the leisure component”, as the company explained at the time in a press release.

This plan included the incorporation of elements aimed at “enriching the shopping experience”.

In 2015 Estabona announced redevelopment work to enlarge the centre’s roofing and change the exterior cladding with the addition of new brands.

This summer a children’s play area was opened which included a programme of employment integration.

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