Imaginalia Shopping And Leisure Centre, Albacete


  • Commercial and leisure center in a single level with 45,000 m² of GLA distributed in 78 units and 2,100 parking spaces.
  • Anchors: Alcampo, Media Markt, Sprinter, Toys R Us and Yelmo cinemas. Annex to the center is Leroy Merlin.
  • A large number of empty premises and excessive number of small premises for the existing demand. Inflows, sales and occupation declining.


  • Estabona acts as co-investor along with British investment fund, Benson Elliot.
  • Estabona coordinated the acquisition and Due Diligence and elaborated a business plan, estimating the necessary CAPEX.
  • Responsible for Asset Management to execute the business plan, substantially improve the value of the asset and exit the investment in a term of 4-5 years.
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